Loris Hand Towel 30x50 cm - Indigo

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Loris Hand Towel 30x50 cm - Grey Loris Hand Towel 30x50 cm - Mustard Loris Hand Towel 30x50 cm - Brown Loris Hand Towel 30x50 cm - Brick - color Loris Hand Towel 30x50 cm - Mink Loris Hand Towel 30x50 cm - Green

Loris Stripe Detailed Hand Towel! Your daily care routine will now turn into a more enjoyable and special experience with this special hand towel that will add color to the beauty of your hands and cheer up your soul. Loris Stripe Detailed Hand Towel is designed with a stripe pattern, which is the symbol of elegance and elegance. Its eye-catching design will add a sophisticated atmosphere to your bathroom and will be a detail that your guests will admire. Both visually appealing and functional, this hand towel combines beauty and practicality.


The threads in the weft-warp direction of the Towel Fabric are 70% bamboo and 30% cotton thread.

Pile height is minimum 4 mm.

Thread thickness is 20/1 open-end thread.

The soaking time for towels to absorb water is at least 100 seconds.

The weight of the towel fabric is 500 gr/m2.

The edges are extremely resistant to washing because they are double stitched. Additionally, our towels are soft and absorbent.

It is a perfect gift for your loved ones. You can use our towels with peace of mind in the bathroom, kitchen, spa, sports, sauna and Turkish bath.


The dyeing process was carried out by dye houses with ISO 9001-2008 quality management system.

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