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Three Atelier company,  brings elegance and nature to home for 58 years with Nazik Home. Nazik home is a hundred percent Turkish brand.

We managed to break our own record last year with our ever-increasing production capacity and quality. For the ultimate production purpose, we complete our production without neglecting our quality control.

Our mission , to create a company that specialised in stylish,homewares, combining the highest quality with affordable prices. Our products help you change the atmosphere of private areas such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

More than anything else, we promise that the investment our customers make in our products will always be worth it. We are obsessive about detail. From the supremely stylish to the incredibly practical, every item in our collection offers something truly unique and special.

Standing out in home-bathroom textile sector with its authenticity, Three Atelier invites everyone to sample this naturalness at home.

ThreeAtelier- Everything for home







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